The strengths of nms Engineering


01Listed nmsHD group companies

We are a group company of the listed company nms holdings, a human resource service company specializing in technical fields. Our parent company is the manufacturing dispatch company "Nippon Manufacturing Service", and our group companies are the EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) companies "TKR" and "Shima Electronics Industry", and the power supply technology company "PST". Leveraging our network with ASEAN countries, we have created a virtuous cycle that combines education, retention, and post-return support to build a business foundation that contributes to international contributions. The entire group will work together to achieve optimal solutions.


02Nationwide expansion from Sapporo to Fukuoka

We can recruit and assign engineers regardless of location. We can respond to our clients' regional strategies and meet their diverse needs.


03We can respond to all kinds of technologies, without specializing in any field such as mechanical, electrical/electronic, or IT.

We are able to respond in all directions to technical fields (hardware/software). We have engineers who can respond to a variety of technical needs and can handle both upstream and downstream processes. Through group synergy, we can provide total solutions from manufacturing dispatch/contracting, parts management, repair and after-sales service, to delivery logistics.


04Global Recruitment

In cooperation with Chinese universities and local subsidiaries in Vietnam and ASEAN countries, we employ foreign engineers who have been trained to a high level. In order to respond to the needs of our customers in detail, we train and dispatch excellent engineers through our own programs and business manner training. nms was quick to dispatch engineers from China and ASEAN countries as the demand for foreign engineers grew significantly in line with the development of ASEAN countries, and we have earned a high reputation. We support our customers' businesses by dispatching engineers and providing design and development services to meet a variety of domestic and international needs.
High level of Japanese language proficiency (JLPT N2 or higher)
High level of business etiquette in Japan (nms engineering's own curriculum: 12 lessons in 2 months)


05Fair, impartial career decisions with the Engineer Map

We have built a standard environment in which engineers can make fair and impartial career decisions based on the Engineer Map (*nms Engineering's own standards), challenge themselves to do attractive work together, and derive benefits from their work in a culture where they can come and go as they please. By responding to the various needs of engineers, such as career advancement, career maintenance, and career downsizing, we will establish a business style that aims for a 3-win situation for clients, engineers, and nms engineering to walk together in the 100-year life era.