Mechatronics Engineer

メカトロニクスエンジニア Mさん
1. Current job description
Design and development of automotive LCDs in a company that designs, develops and manufactures LCDs responsible for I mainly work on derivative designs for automotive displays, GPS and instrument panel displays.
I'm mainly responsible for 3D design in Creo and drawing 2D plans and then I'm able to draw them according to the specifications. Create prototypes, testers, etc. to verify if they meet the specs of the specifications. We will check it and get it to mass production.
The current in-vehicle display has a 3-in-1 arrangement of the navigation system, meter and mirror. You have to be able to see clearly from all angles of the driver's seat.
It's a struggle, but I find it very rewarding.
2. Why did you join nms engineering?
I'm from China. I have been interested in Japanese anime and history since I was a child, but I never thought I would be able to I never thought I would be working in Japan. In my second year of university, I found out that there was a course where I could learn Japanese and work in Japan.
The university was also studying automotive engineering and control, and I knew that the Japanese automotive manufacturing technology was excellent, so I decided to go to Japan. I wanted to learn about Japanese technology, so I signed up for the course.
The company that ran the course was called nms Engineering.
As a result of my hard work and dedication to learning Japanese, I am now working in Japan.
3. Things I would like to try in the future
One of the tasks for the last couple of years is to create a curved surface instrument panel in the design of the LCD instrument panel.
My goal is to provide my own input into the design of the instrument panel. Designing Instrument Panels That Will Become a Global Trend I would like to do this.
In addition to mechanical design, I would also like to work on the control of the instrument panel, eventually.
My "dream" is that in the future, my designs will become a global standard.
Personally, I like cars, but I also like motorcycles, so I would like to go touring on a large motorcycle. I think. Actually, I don't even have a license yet.
4. The appeal of nms engineering
The first is that it has shown me a path to work in Japan.
It's been four and a half years since I came to Japan, but when I came to Japan with only a dream of working in Japan They patiently instructed me on Japanese customs and history, information necessary for business, differences in etiquette, etc.
Secondly, even today, the sales people are still taking care of me in a friendly manner. Work is confidential. I can't talk about it in detail because there are some things I can't talk about, but for example, I just moved the other day, and from the arrangements to the move They took care of me with great attention to detail. We are thankful for those of us who work in a foreign country.


System development engineer
Mis. K

システム開発エンジニア Kさん
1. Current job description
I am responsible for building an internal system for a mobile carrier company in Sier.
I perform a series of development processes, including detailed design, programming, testing, evaluation, and debugging after receiving the specifications.
Control programs are essential to our convenient lives. I am fully aware of how rewarding it is to think that the systems we build support our convenient lives.
2. Reason for joining the company and career
I joined the company in mid-career, but I also worked in systems development at a previous job. The job of building systems is It's common for work to be overwhelming because of projects and tight deadlines. I was dissatisfied with my salary as compensation for my work and was considering a career change. Then I was introduced to nms engineering by a friend. What kind of work do you do when you meet with a salesperson? Can I make a career out of it? How are you treated? What about benefits? I decided to work for this company after discussing such things as Now I'm working with a team of about 10 people on system development, from upstream processes to manufacturing and testing, with the goal of improving my skills.
3. What you want to challenge in the future
In system development, there are two types of processes: upstream design, which involves creating specifications, and downstream processes, which involve detailed design, manufacturing and testing.
I am currently involved in all the processes from upstream to downstream, but I would like to expand my programming language skills because I believe coding is more suited to me.
I would like to expand the scope of my coding by using not only Java, but also other languages such as C, C++, Python and C#, which range from basic to highly oriented languages.
4. This is what I like about nms engineering.
I'm a mid-career newcomer, but before I joined the company, the company compared me to my previous job and explained in detail the projects I would be responsible for, so I could visualize my career.
I think this is very reassuring for the workers. In addition, I was told that the story is different before I started working and in reality. There are always things that happen, but for me, there was no gap. In that sense, I think my job change was a good one. I have no worries.
In addition, I was able to talk directly to the salesperson about what was bothering me and what was troubling me. You can concentrate on your work without worrying about what you're doing.


Electronics Engineer

エレクトロニクスエンジニア Yさん
1. Job Description
My job is charge of design evaluation of image sensors. In design evaluation, I evaluate whether the prototype semiconductor operates according to the specifications after circuit design by checking the display status of the subject and the waveform using an oscilloscope using our original evaluation system. I am currently the leader of the evaluation team, and while planning the evaluation schedule, coordinating with other departments, and managing the process, I share information on the company's progress Mtg and provide feedback to subsequent development types.
The image sensors that I evaluate and distribute are mainly used in smartphones. What I keep in mind when I work is that it is natural to meet deadlines, but I also have to guess what the customer wants and prepare for it. It is a matter of course to ensure quality. It is natural to guarantee the quality, but what else can we do to prepare? We are always conscious of how we can satisfy our customers.
Since we are working with the world's top market share and cutting-edge technology, we are in a world without textbooks. We always have to be inventive and groping our way forward. That's why we feel fulfilled. We feel that our work is worthwhile because the trails we have blazed will become a roadmap and a model for the engineers who will follow.  
2. Why did you get into nms?
I used to be involved in the reliability testing of MOS Relay and optical modulators, as well as the design and manufacture of highly durable power supplies for broadcast amplifiers and lighthouses.
Then I was told that there was a job in semiconductors (imaging devices) using light, and as I had always worked in the optical field, I was first interested.
This job was different from what I had done before in terms of expertise and relationships with designers, but it was very rewarding. To be honest,
I didn't really know what kind of company nms Engineering was. It is said that a person's life is a series of choices. Only time will tell if the decision you made at that time was the right one or not. In my case, I believe that I made the right decision by joining nms Engineering.
Although it is a technology dispatch company, I feel happy to have a place where I can be and have a challenging job.
3. What do you want to try in the future
Nowadays, work is becoming more and more borderless. Our clients are not only Japanese clients and English is the common language of the world, is the mainstream language for the tools used in my work. Therefore, I would like to study English.
If I can use English in business, I can talk to overseas customers on an equal footing and understand their requirements better than ever before. So, what I want to do now is to learn English.
4. What is the appeal of nms engineering?
I like the way they stay close to me. If I have any problems, I will consult with the sales staff, but other than that, I can concentrate on my own work since there is often no interference.
Other temp staffing companies may call it a "study session" and force you to participate, but I don't think there is much point in having a "study session" since each engineer's job is different. Rather, I appreciate the moderate sense of distance that allows me to do what I need to do when I need to do it.


Production Technology Engineer

生産技術エンジニア Lさん
1. Job Description
I work in production engineering for a company that designs, develops and manufactures automotive safety equipment.
My main task is to start up, verify, and implement improvements to manufacturing line equipment.
I install outsourced manufacturing equipment on the line (this is called secondary construction), ensure power supply, and Practical verification of the drive system, mechanism, noise, sensors, etc. I'm from a mechanical background, but my work requires knowledge of mechanics, electricity and software.
Although I am from a mechanical background, my work requires knowledge of machinery, electricity and software, and I am still learning every day.
Nowadays, various things are outsourced, but this company is promoting self-manufacturing, so it's good for me to improve my skills. I believe that they are connected.
2. Why did you join nms engineering?
My home country is South Korea. The reason why I decided to work abroad is because the unemployment rate for young people in Korea is high and I decided that I could not find a good job in Korea. Find job as in the U.S. and Europe, but I decided to work in Japan because Japan which is at the top of the world in terms of culture and technology, was right next door. The first time I met nms engineering was at a job fair. I chose nms engineering from among the many Japanese companies because it seemed to introduce me to a place where I could demonstrate my skills. I felt that they would introduce me to a place where I could use my skills and make the most of my performance as a mechanical engineer.
3. What you want to challenge in the future
Although my specialty is machinery, my work requires knowledge of electricity and software. So-called mechatronics technology is required. In the past year and a half, I have managed to understand a little bit of electricity. From now on, I would like to study software.
This is the era of equipment control, and I believe the need for it will increase as AI and IoT advances. I also want to become more and more proficient at drawing and design, as I sometimes have to remodel equipment on the job.
4. What is the appeal of nms engineering?
I think the appeal of nms engineering is that employees are assigned to places where they can develop their skills. For me, it's a gateway to success. The technical dispatch service is a way for me to get to know the skills of my employees.
I think this is a place where I can challenge various things to improve my skills as well as serve the clients.
The sales staff is always available to help me when I need it, and as a foreigner, I often ask for immigration forms, and I'm very grateful that the company responds to my requests in a professional manner.



生産技術エンジニア Lさん
1. Job Description
As a member of the division, I am in charge of three tasks, mainly new business development, recruitment, and management. For new sales, I first select target companies, and then propose appropriate engineers to the people in charge of the companies according to the projects they are currently recruiting for. As for recruitment, we post the job orders we receive, scout for engineers who are looking for jobs, and conduct recruitment interviews to find people to work with. As for administrative tasks, we conduct web and face-to-face interviews with engineers and field personnel at least once a month at the companies to which we are assigned, and strive to improve our engineering services.
2. Why did you join nms engineering?
I had been thinking about it since I was a student, but I wanted to work in sales because I wanted to get involved with many people both inside and outside the company while I was still young, expand the circle of the community, and increase my own market value.
However, there was a time when I was looking for a job while worrying about what exactly a sales position would entail. In the midst of this, I met with a recruiter from nms Engineering who listened to my opinions in a friendly manner, brought out my hidden personality, and evaluated me, which was a deciding factor for me. 
3. What you want to challenge in the future
In my first year, I feel it is important to take the time to learn sales techniques. First of all, as a member of society, I want to steadily increase the number of things I can do without forgetting to think and act for myself. Although I cannot move easily due to the current situation of Corona disaster, I would like to eventually expand the scope of my activities beyond my current area and aim to become a salesperson who is trusted and credible to everyone involved.
4. What is the appeal of nms engineering?
Our company‘s vision is “Sampo Yoshi for engineers, companies, and ourselves. We feel that we are able to realize this vision by always standing in a position to respect the opinions of both the engineer and the company. Also, I feel that the most attractive thing about our company is that we do not neglect to follow up with our clients after the contract is concluded, and continue to build a relationship of trust. 



Recruitment Mr・Y
1. Job Description
I'm in charge of recruiting new graduate engineers. My main duties are to conduct information sessions for new graduates and conduct recruitment interviews.
In addition, I sometimes visit schools directly to let as many people as possible know about nms Engineering.
I am also involved in following up with students after they have received job offers, and even training new employees after they join the company.
2. Why did you join nms engineering?
The main reason is because I was attracted by the goodness of the people.
The people who were in charge of hiring me gave me a warm and humane impression, and I strongly felt that they were looking at me from the inside out.
I felt strongly that they were looking at me from the inside. I thought that being in charge of hiring at such a company would help me develop my ability to look at people.
I am working hard every day to become a recruiter who can focus on the inside of more students and passionately talk about their future visions.
3. What you want to challenge in the future
I would like to let as many people as possible know about nms Engineering, and change the way of working and thinking about technology dispatching. Currently, we have a lot of web-based information sessions and interviews, but we are still seeking to build an environment where we can match each other's thoughts and ideas. Although the environment is difficult due to the Corona disaster, we would like to challenge ourselves to hold and exhibit at events where we can have direct contact with more people.
I will do my best to make contact with as many people as possible, to be close to them, and to gain mutual understanding.
4. What is the appeal of nms engineering?
As I mentioned in the reason why I joined the company, I think it is the quality of the people at nms Engineering.
As stated in “Our Way”, we are a company that is always thinking about improving the value of the company and the growth of the engineers who work for us.
Our work would not be possible without our clients, our engineers, or nms Engineering.
Because our vision is to realize “Sampo Yoshi," each and every one of our employees has a strong sense of compassion. I feel that this is the reason why our people are so good.
To all the new graduates, I look forward to the day we work together!