Security Policy Information

We are deeply aware of the importance of information security, and make active efforts to ensure and improve information security based on the three points of "physical", "technical", and "human" information security measures, we shall comply with the Information Security Policy as well as laws and regulations, and continue to ensure and maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and related assets in our possession.

Information is all information that we handle in the course of running our business as a company.
Security is about keeping accurate and complete information (integrity) accessible and available (availability) at all times in a way that is recognized as legitimate (confidentiality) and at a time that is recognized as legitimate.
【Physical Security Measures】
Physical security measures are security measures to prevent the normal operation of the information system from being interrupted, such as unauthorized intrusion into offices, equipment (computer equipment, network equipment, etc.) and installation sites that use the information system, and we shall make every effort to implement such measures.
【Technical Security Measures】
Technological security measures refer to security measures that take a technical approach from both hardware and software, such as setting the scope of use of the information system in accordance with the position and authority of the user, and encryption to protect data, and we shall make every effort to implement these measures.
【Human Security Measures】
Human security measures are security measures aimed at reducing the risks caused by human factors, and include the implementation and development of activities such as communication systems, restoration procedures, training and education in the event of an incident, and we shall make every effort to implement these measures.

January 1, 2020
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